All capacitor sets have the following in common:

- where available, the supplied capacitors have a higher voltage capability and a higher temperature resistance with the advantage of a possibly longer service life compared to the original values.
(Explanations: see below)

- Unless otherwise stated, the quality of the capacitors is standard quality, as installed by the manufacturers at the time.

- Unless otherwise stated , the manufacturers of the electrolytic capacitors are different within a set, depending on the respective availability, electrolytic capacitors from the following manufacturers are supplied: VISHAY, FROLYT, TEAPO, KEMET, FISCHER UND TAUSCHE (F&T), FROLYT, JIANGHAI (JH) , YAEGO, PANASONIC, CORNELL-DUBILIER, EPCOS (TDK), RUBYCON, EUROPE-CHEMICON and others.

- No circuit diagrams or service instructions will be sent. However, some sets contain information on the assembly of cap designs that are no longer available or more precise position information on individual capacitors.

- Unfortunately, we cannot offer an exchange service for reasons of capacity


Voltage capability

Since 1987, the mains voltage in Europe has been increased from 220V (198V-242V possible) to approx. 230V (207V- 253V possible) due to Europe-wide harmonization.

Due to the location of filtering by electrolytic capacitors in power supplies, which is immediately after the transformer and the rectification, with the voltage regulation take place afterwards, many such capacitors are already being operated above the permissible voltage, which were usually calculated very tightly because of the size (especially noticeable with Philips CD players).

It is therefore strongly recommended that devices that can be switched from 220 to 240V be switched over or soldered accordingly (unfortunately some do not offer this option).

Capacitors have become smaller over time, so size is no longer an exclusion criterion for higher voltage capability.

An example of this:

Four different types of 47µF capacitors are installed in your device:



47µF/35V and


As replacement types you would get the following from us:

2x 47µF/35V as replacement for 10V and 25V

2x 47µF/63V as replacement for 35V and 50V

Although the original comes with a 35V capacitor, a 63V capacitor is supplied in order to increase the voltage capability.


Temperature resistance

In the past, only capacitors with a temperature resistance of 85°C were installed, as this corresponded to the state of the art in electrolytic capacitor production at the time.

Today these can simply be replaced by those with a temperature resistance of 105°C; Unfortunately, some capacitors on the world market are only available as 85°C versions from time to time.
A set can therefore also contain some capacitors that only have a temperature rating of 85°C, although we try to avoid this.